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AMT Futures Limited launches

As part of our strategic review AMTF has worked with Fanatic, a Bristol-based digital brand and marketing agency, to develop and launch

OptionsDesk’s goal is to provide our clients with a comprehensive resource, enabling them to harness the power of options to protect, enhance and generate additional income from their existing portfolios and other stores of wealth.

The site has a comprehensive glossary of options strategies with specific examples and pay-off diagrams; and a library of current and historic trade opportunities.

It also gives access to our Strategy Explorer, which provides each client a personalised way to identify which strategies are most appropriate for their experience, risk appetite and investment objective.

Strategy Explorer

Finally, it comprises a digital client onboarding tool that has cut the account opening process from weeks to just a few minutes.

AMT Future's Managing Director James Proudlock notes, “whilst this marks an important first step in our evolution towards becoming a digitally-driven retail consumer finance brand, we also believe it is critical for our clients to have easy access to human expertise as they consider how options can help further their investment objectives. The OptionsDesk brand aims to combine the best of both worlds.”

We hope you find OptionsDesk a useful resource, and we would welcome your feedback on how we can improve it by clicking here


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